The Beginning

I'm Diane, Owner & Artist of Entwined And Designed

I began with making a succulent arrangement for myself which caught the eye of my mother, I made one for her which she brought to her work, this caught the eye of a coworker (Are you noticing a pattern here...) so I was asked to make one for her birthday and things just seemed to proceed from there. Basically I accidentally started a business!

From there I began experimenting with the famous paint pouring which progressed into working with resin, alcohol inks and my latest art adventure, earrings. I love being able to try new avenues of art and exploring different approaches to each.

Sharing your art with the world can be a very scary self-doubting process. You must learn to accept failures and move forward.Art is about exploring and experimenting, I don't know where I will find myself next but I'm excited to see!

This is my journey.

I hope to see you in my travels!


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